• ATEX visual & audible Ex alarm device
    ATEX visual & audible Ex alarm device

    The N-Exus Pulse is an explosion proof alarm system, approved for Zones 2 and 22. Suitable for both gas and dust explosion hazardous areas.

    For quick and successful evacuation of all workers in case of fire, escape of toxic gases…

  • ATEX SVC Ex-series Solenoid Valve Cabinet
    ATEX SVC Ex-series Solenoid Valve Cabinet

    The ATEX Ex-SVC series consists of high-quality pneumatic control panels for use in the process industry, demanding dust or gas explosion safe equipment. The ATEX Ex-SVC series is suitable for zone 2 and zone 22. On request…

  • ATEX Electric Air Heater EAH Ex-series 3.7 - 33 kW
    ATEX Electric Air Heater EAH Ex-series 3.7 - 33 kW

    The Ex-Machinery Electric Air Heater Ex-series are designed for the air heating process in gas or dust explosive environments. The heaters are of rigid construction with enclosed AISI 304 heater elements and are suitable for the…

Custom ATEX equipment

In addition to explosion proof HVAC of Wi-Fi, we offer a wide range of ATEX equipment. We present to you our ready-made alarm device and pneumatic control panel.  

We also modify most regular equipment and machinery into an explosion safe version, suitable for ATEX Zones 2 and 22. On the market you will find much ready-made equipment suitable for zone 1. Modification of a regular version can be a better solution for you. Here are 5 reasons why:

5 reasons why modification is a better option:

  • Cost effective: often explosion proof equipment is only available for Zones 1 and 21, which is an needlessly costly solution if your location is classified as Zone 2 or 22. Usually conversion of regular equipment is more cost effective.
  • Availability: Not all equipment is available on the market to be used in explosion hazardous areas. When an explosion proof drone or explosion proof 3D-scanner is needed, modification of an original device is the only solution.
  • Usability: Regular equipment is often easier to use and has more features than ATEX equipment. By converting the original you benefit the usability and sophisticated design in an explosion proof version.
  • Standardization: A production facility has both zoned and non-zoned areas. It is likely that both areas need, for example, fire alarms. By converting  the standard fire detector for the ATEX zones, the control procedure of the whole system can remain the same.
  • Knowledge and experience: if a new brand requires much instruction and knowledge of your operators and maintenance people; conversion is the better option. Your staff will only need an additional instruction.  

Guarantee: When we start modifying the original, of course the manufacturers garantee expires. Therefore, if there might be any problem after purchasing the modified product we will take full responsibility as if we were the original manufacturer.

Our experience converting equipment:

Meanwhile, we have a significant track record in converting into ATEX. Particularly conventional equipment such as air conditioning and Wi-Fi access points. But also drones, 3D scanners and electric doors and a reefer container for zone 2.

Quick Quote: how does it work?

Each article is presented with necessary specifications, such as performance and hazardous area (gas or dust). After selecting and sending us your specifications you will receive our quotation within 24 hours.

You can also call us for ATEX advice or a quotation at: +31 (0)78 654 95 02.

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