Armadex ATEX Wi-Fi access points en antennas

Our explosion proof Wi-Fi access points and antennas of our Armadex label are specially designed for safe en reliable wireless communications in hazardous areas.  Suitable for both gas and dust explosion hazardous Zones.

We ensure:

  • Compliance with ATEX legislation (ATEX 137/153 for the working environment and ATEX 95/114 for equipment).
  • Creation of reliable, fast and safe data transmission 

ATEX Wi-Fi Standard product range: delivery time from 2 weeks

Our standard range of ATEX Wi-Fi Access points and antennas is available for Zone 2 (gas) and Zone 22 (dust). Our products are designed for ATEX category 3G (gas Zone 2) and ATEX category 3 D (dust Zone 22).

Your favourite brand modified into an ATEX-proof version.

We convert first class Wi-Fi access points and antennas into an explosion safe version. We use type of protection Ex nAC, so the equipment is non-arcing or spark free. Each converted product is given an ATEX certificate and comes with full guarantee.

After modification our equipment is ready for safe operations in most hazardous areas, such as locations where hydrogen of acetylene are used.

For more information on modifying Wi-Fi equipment, please contact us on telephone number +31 78 654 95 02.

Use our ATEX experience and knowledge

Knowing your specific situation enables us to give you the best advice. It may well be that a non-ATEX Wi-Fi access point in a safe zone connected to an explosion safe antenna in a classified zone is the best technical and cost effective solution.  

Quick Quote: how does it work?

Each article is presented with necessary specifications, such as performance and hazardous area (gas or dust). After selecting and sending us your specifications you will receive our quotation within 24 hours.

You can also call us for ATEX advice or a quotation at: +31 (0)78 654 95 02.

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